Our full service workshop provides bike repair and maintenance, no matter the style or brand of your bike. Our Trained staff are here to assess and recommend the best service for both the needs of your bike and of the rider. With packages for all levels of service, we aim to return your bike to its best quality as soon as possible with guaranteed results.

If you require something more specific, we also have booked options for one on one consultation between you and the mechanic. As they work, you can relax with a coffee and feel free to chat and inquire with our staff. 

Service Inclusions

Full Service
Brake and Gear Adjustment
Chain check for wear and Lubricated
Handlebars, stem + saddle tightened
Tyres and wheels inspected for wear and damage
All bearings checked for play and adjusted or replaced
Brake pads replaced as necessary
Chain + cassette, detailed and lubricated / replaced
Wheels tensioned and true
Complete bike wash and component detailing
Frame and forks detailed, inspected for correct alignment
All bearings fully serviced or replaced
Replace all cables and pads and/or bleed brakes
Provide pre/post bike weight
Set Body Geometry fit data
Entire linkage bearing and bolt replacement
Suspension for service and tuning
Rear shock service and tuning